Salted butter caramel sauce – YUM-O-RAMA!

This is an addictive substance, made all the more dangerous since it’s so easy to make at home. It comes from Brittany where sea salt is a prized currency – and a natural partner to excellent butter. ‘Les Bretons’ are not scared of something good when they know it, and this proves the point.  ‘Caramel au beurre sale’ has even earned its own acronym in France, where ‘CBS’ is cause for a frenzy of patisserie excitement.

You will need:

  • 250 gr caster sugar
  • 100 gr butter
  • 250 ml single or double cream (again, go with what’s in your fridge)
  • a very generous pinch of coarse sea salt

What to do:

  1. Make a caramel – the easiest method to achieve a perfect caramel is to NOT ADD WATER. Just put your sugar in a pan over medium heat, and it will take care of itself – promise! You can stir it a bit with the thin end of a wooden spoon (never metal or plastic, sugar melts at VERY high temperature) to help lumps. Your caramel is done when it achieves a deep amber colour and the smell drives you insane. My granny used to make caramel to get rid of bad smells in her kitchen (not that I ever noticed any as a result).
  2. Add the salt and the butter. The pan will bubble HARD and once the butter melts, it will look as it the mixture is split, but keep mixing it with a wooden spoon and it will eventually turn to a lush texture. Take off the heat.
  3. Add the cream – this will again make the whole thing bubble quite scarily but keep mixing. You’ll get this incredible gorgeous looking/ smelling sauce.
  4. Let it cool down fully.

10012382_10151905646236741_2100325982_o 10150203_10151905646291741_1730912770_o10152144_10151905730096741_1067026210_o

This is now ready to use for all sorts of sins – from spreading cold on toast to warmed up 20 seconds in the microwave to drizzle on pancakes or icecream, or as a sauce to pour over cakes or stewed apples….

I use it in my double chocolate cheesecake and also in this caramel popcorn cake (notice how recipient got a liiiiiittle proprietary on that one)

1901686_738937616131443_1711702673_n 10001379_738937666131438_2001402484_n 1969501_10151872757851741_1647057759_o 1970525_738937589464779_983747935_n

And this brownie caramel cheesecake



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