Chocolate macaron dinosaur mountain


It was my son’s third birthday last weekend and he’s been banging on about the dinosaur cake I made last year… So on for a repeat! Except I get very bored doing the same thing, do decided this year’s dinosaur crop should really sit on a veritable mountain of chocolate…
So this is made of discs of chocolate macarons – a bit firmer to give them more of a piped shape, filled with chocolate swiss meringue buttercream (as you’ve gathered by now, it’s my fav!)…
Big hit all round!

And for good measure, here’s the birthday spread…
canneles, mini quiches, coconut macaroons and this very pinteresting thing, the fruit kebab….which luckily played very well on the lovely face plate I received at Christmas…





Last but not least, daughter had a go at biscuits for the first time with bi colour shortbread – and yes I helped a bit, but it was mostly her work – good girl!!



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