The Piotr – gateau russe or dacquoise, praline buttercream and nougatine

As often the case, I go through phases…and it’s definitely nougatine time!
It was my brother’s birthday last week and we all managed to get together, which is too rare an occasion.
So I went all Franco-Russian in celebration!
This is a ‘gateau russe’, also known as a success – it’s a classic of French patisserie, consisting of dacquoise disks filled with praline buttercream. Now this is normally presented square and with edges trimmed off, but that’s a bit too tidy for my taste.

I followed Mercotte’s recipe on this occasion. Mercotte is THE cake blogger in France and presents the equivalent of the Great British Bake Off in the ‘hexagon’. So she’s not quite got Mary Berry’s 150 years of experience, but she’s a pretty good source and dammit, this is French patisserie we’re talking about here!!

I found the proportions for the cake a little baffling though, I had so much cake mix that I ended up not with 3 large cake disks but 5!! Which came in handy when the top of one of them got a little too brown in the top of the oven… The remaining one worked very well as a roulade so nothing was lost, fear not.

So as I had so much, I also doubled the quantities of buttercream and that worked out pretty spot on, especially as I knew I wanted to fill my cones with it too!
To flavour it, I used a pot of my new all killer, no filler homemade nutella (only 3 ingredients – hazelnuts, sugar and chocolate) – which I will commit on blog eminently. That’s my pride and joy, truly.

I have detailed the process for nougatine in a previous post, so won’t go there again here.

There were about 12 of us to attack the beast and there is a little leftover this morning, but I can’t guarantee it will live to see lunchtime…



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