The chef factor

My colleagues are just about to do a pitch on food safety in schools, and they asked me to make something special to give at the end.
We talked about cupcakes with a logo on top, but 1. I hate cupcakes (mouthfuls of oversweet sponge most of them) and 2. the cakes have got to travel to Wales and survive for 2 days.

So instead I went to my safe place – cannelés and hazelnut financiers. There is hardly a week when I don’t whip up a batch of either.
I topped the financiers with some praline, which gives them just that little extra special touch.

I’d also made some passionfruit mini madeleines, but they got just a tad too dry. I saved them with a passionfruit icing, but it didn’t get to set on time, so in the end, I left these out for now (but watch out for a repeat very very soon, they are the bomb!).
What I loved about this was to get to do the ‘packaging’ as well – using little sachets and making bespoke labels, as well as dressing a box to boot.
I’m pretty happy with the results, hope they win the project now!!






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