Star wars Yoda macarons 


Once upon a time, in a kitchen not so far away… 

Where to begin? Always moved macarons, even though they can be a pain in the proverbial to make. Mostly because a simgle false step and it’s back to round one. But they are my daughter’s favourite patisserie, and as it was her birthday recently, i got quite a bit of extra practice (more on that later). 

We’re also a little star wars doolally in our family. We might as well have named our son Luke to make our lives easier, as this is what he responds to more readily than his own moniker. 

Today, we’re off to Secret Cinema: Star Wars. If you haven’t heard of it, they’re doing a swell job on the ‘secret’ part of it. Actually, it’s the blockbuster event in London this summer: 18 acres of land transformed into starwars sets, teeming with actors in rebel alliance mode and ticket holders invited to take part in the action, while sipping on a blue drink at the famous cantina, before sitting down for a viewing of the best of all star wars films so far: the empire strikes back. 

We have our scarves, our goggles and capes, we’re ready to go.

Just to get a little bit more in the mood, our bunch of galactic explorers decided to have a pre night where we’d watch ‘a new hope’ with the kids, as sadly the event is for 8+ and our 4 and 7 year olds will miss out on the action (we have been exceptionally good at not letting that cat out of the bag).

And this is how I found myself making these little beauties.

This was a pretty straightforward macaron mix, I kept a bit of non coloured mixture to pipe the eyes, and an edible pen to draw in details. I loved piping the ears best!! 

The ‘yodas’ are filled with a centre of ganache and a choco-caramel buttercream, because there has to be more than meets the eye with that little green man.  

Stay tuned for the next post on the death star giant macaron…(not even joking!)

Macarons be with you! 



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