About karuski

karuski meow

Karuski bakes is the signature name for me, Katherine Mengardon. I have always baked, but a spell of homeboundedness (called maternity leave number 2) led me to become a pretty serious baker – basically, once you start following recipes to the letter, you learn an awful lot and it opens up a whole world of cakes, bakes, breads and patisseries.

My French roots mean that it’s not just my sugar levels which are through the roof. Cake is at the heart and soul of French culture, from the Sunday weekly rituals of lunchtime patisserie indulgences to ‘4 heures’, or gouter, which would often consist of a ‘palmier’ or a petit pain au lait with pearl sugar. Talk to me about chouquettes and I well up, show me a religieuse au cafe, and I blubber. In fact, choux pastry is responsible for some serious emotional madeleines.

I bake. A lot. For family, for friends, for colleagues, but also for me – it’s creative, it’s fun and pretty therapeutic.

My utmost love remains with choux pastry, so I started a facebook page for my creations, Choux la la then decided to foray into blogging.   Totally obsessed with Pinterest too, where I trade ideas and images under the moniker Karuskishop.

I also moonlight as a family and cat illustrator – you can find me at karuski.co.uk.

My iphone photography (for it’s nothing worthier) can be found at karuskivision.

Feel free to drop me a line at karuski@yahoo.com, I love a chat anytime (chat = cat in French, oh oh oh and all that). 



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